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2015 Team

Alice Tweedy McGrath

Research Coordinator

Alice Tweedy McGrath Alice Tweedy McGrath has been involved with the END project since 2015. She currently holds a Postdoctoral Fellowship for Accessibility at the University of Pennsylvania Libraries, where she works on several campus accessibility initiatives and digital scholarship projects, including the Accessibility Mapping Project. She holds a Ph.D. in English from Penn and teaches courses on eighteenth- and nineteenth-century fiction in the English Department. Her professional interests include digital scholarship, material text methodologies, queer and feminist studies, and disability/critical access studies. Her current research focuses on representations of femme authorship and composition in eighteenth-century experimental and popular fiction.

Beth Seltzer

Project Manager

Beth Seltzer Beth Seltzer is the Educational Technology Specialist at Bryn Mawr College, where she works on a range of projects including the Tri-College Digital Scholarship Group and the Blended Learning in the Liberal Arts initiative. She holds a PhD in English literature from Temple University, and previously worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania libraries. Her interests include digital scholarship, Victorian popular fiction, and the intersection of technology and pedagogy in higher education.

Gabriella Ekens

Student Researcher

Gabriella Ekens Gabriella Ekens is a Comparative Literature/Film Studies double major. She studies novels in English, Spanish, and Russian. In her off time, she writes about anime online.

Ian Hoffman

Student Researcher

Ian Hoffman Ian Hoffman is a recent graduate from Swarthmore College, majoring in English Literature. At END, he's interested in creating data-visualizations of connections between eighteenth century publishers, drawing on the code he once knew (and forgot, and will now re-learn).

Kat Poje

Student Researcher

Kat Poje Kat Poje graduated from Haverford College in the Class of 2016 and is pursuing an MTS at Harvard Divinity School beginning fall 2016. She studies the triangulation of religion, storytelling, and power, with a particular focus on the convergence of digital technology and religious community. An END team member since 2015, she has developed a passion for the minutia of cataloging and a deep appreciation for the sass in 18th-century novels. In her free time, she enjoys wandering about woods and museums, and is always in search of new folk iconography to collect.

Kirara Sato

Student Researcher

Kirara Sato Kirara Sato is a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, with an honors major in English literature and a minor in East Asian Languages and Civilizations. She has a devout interest in Shakespearean performance history, and the interpretation of his texts in the twenty-first century. She has recently completed her honors thesis on race in Shakespeare's 'Othello'. When she's not writing papers about Shakespeare, she's acting in his plays as a part of The Underground Shakespeare Company.

Molly Hemphill

Student Researcher

Molly Hemphill Molly Hemphill is an English major at the University of Pennsylvania. As a part of END she is cataloguing 18th century novels and is working on two projects dedicated to footnotes. As a native of Philly she loves going to Phillies games, drinking La Colombe coffee, and making regular visits to the Art Museum.

Nora Battelle

Student Researcher

Nora Battelle Nora Battelle is an Honors English literature major with an Honors minor in French at Swarthmore College. Outside of the classroom, she is a managing editor at Swarthmore's quarterly magazine The Review, a student consultant at the Media Center, and writes a bi-weekly column for the school's print newspaper The Phoenix. At END, she is looking at what titles can (or can't) tell us about full texts, particularly with regard to genre.

Yumi Dineen Shiroma

Student Researcher and Seminar Leader

Yumi Dineen Shiroma Yumi Dineen Shiroma graduated from Swarthmore College in 2016 with an honors major in English literature and a minor in interpretation theory. Her work explores the intersections of material text study, computational methods, and Marxist metanarratives of the novel. In her non-academic life, she is the human companion to Peanut Butter 'Dorothea Catsaubon' Dineen Shiroma, who used to be feral.